Photos & Roundup: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Willow Shields and more at #CatchingFireComicCon

Lionsgate’s Catching Fire panel wrapped up an hour or so ago at the San Diego Comic Con 2013. The prestigious Hall H saw the latest theatrical trailer debut, and a Q & A session with the cast moderated by Fandango’s Dave Karger.

High quality photos of the cast can be seen in the gallery here.


Entertainment Weekly has summed up the panel, which you can read below:

Snap Judgment: In contrast to the gray-grit aesthetic adopted by director Gary Ross for the first Hunger Games, the footage screened from Catching Fire was decidedly more colorful, with sweeping shots of the Capitol and the Victory Tou rof Panem. (In fairness to Ross, Catching Fire is almost certainly benefiting from that sweet sweet sequel cash.) The film certainly looks impressive, although it’s disappointing that we didn’t get to see much of the new characters.

The Big Revelations: A single shot of Sam Claflin led to loud whoops throughout the crowd. The chatty panel didn’t offer many surprises — turns out Jennifer Lawrence is incredibly charming, have you heard? Lionsgate is clearly sticking to the YA-franchise script with the second Hunger Games movie. (It’s really going to get interesting next year, when the cast and crew try to convince us that they’ve figured out how to turn the incredibly bleak Mockingjay into two movies.)

Most Incisive Audience Question: An attendee asked Lawrence and Hutcherson whether they would have any “hot” kissing scenes. This led to a long story which involved Lawrence — who, lest you forget, is an Academy Award winner and one of the most popular actresses alive on the world today — saying the words, “There was a huge string of snot!”

Check out the trailer once again:

More from SDCC can be found via the tag here.

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