Photos: Day 1 of Catching Fire at SDCC – Tribute signings, Quarter Quell posters and more!

There is no other word for San Diego Comic Con this year: it’s crazy. Day 1 proved that even the days leading up to the big day on Saturday, we’re going to have so much more to look forward to!

Lionsgate’s booth, pictures of which we have already seen, was overwhelmed with the crowd earlier in the morning which led to a temporary shut down. But the autograph signing session with Catching Fire tributes Stephanie Leigh Schlund (Cashmere), Bruno Gunn (Brutus) and Meta Golding (Enobaria) went ahead as planned at about 3 PM.

Pictures of the session are strewn all over, so we collected them for you and you can see in the gallery here.


A video from the signing is also available, which you can check out below:


Get ready for Day 2 as the fun continues!

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