Suzanne Collins attends Book Expo America; talks Year of the Jungle, The Hunger Games and more

The Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins attended the Book Expo America 2013 in New York City yesterday to promote her new autobiographical picture book, Year of the Jungle. The book is based on the year Suzanne’s father served in Vietnam when she was in first grade.


At the Scholastic event, Suzanne signed books and talked about the Vietnam war, The Hunger Games and more. Highlights from the signing can be read below, courtesy Scholastic:

  • Suzanne Collins used her personal artifacts–letters,postcards from her father in Viet Nam; dolls, jewelry. Interviewed siblings (to write Year of the Jungle).
  • Suzanne’s father came back from Viet Nam with drive to educate her & her siblings about war. Her “unique education” led to this book.
  • Is something a necessary or unnecessary war? Jungle is an entree into the concept of war. Underland Chronicles deals with unnecessary and Hunger Games deals with a necessary war, says Suzanne. By Mockingjay, they’ve come full circle.
  • Hunger Games idea came from channel surfing, Suzanne reminds us. We’re so overloaded with imagery now that we become desensitized.
  • If you don’t have an idea of what propaganda is how can you know when it’s being fed to you? Suzanne wonders.
  • On the importance of war books for kids: they need to know the realities, bc they’ll be making decisions about war in the future, says Suzanne.

You can pre-order Year of the Jungle on Amazon here.

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