Catching Fire designer discusses Katniss's wedding dress – and we've seen it!

Trish Summerville, the costumes designer for The Hunger Games; Catching Fire, has returned from Hawaii after the last bit of filming. Yesterday, she talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the costumes worn in the sequel.


The dress that Katniss Everdeen is wearing in her Capitol Portrait is indeed her wedding dress. Summerville talks about its origins:

“Katniss’ white gown is by a designer named Tex Saverio in Jakarta. He is amazing!  I found his designs quite some time ago and saved his information for a perfectly fitting project, then came Catching Fire – perfect!” she said.

The designer explains more about the dress and how it incorporates certain aspects mentioned in the books:

She also pointed out the bodice, a Swarovski-crystal-clad “organza corset under a metal cage.” The metal pieces rising up are meant to signify fire and flames, while layers of laser-cut feathers at the waist and shoulder tie in the film’s “Mockingjay” concept.

The skirt also has numerous layers of organza and chiffon ruffles giving it grandness but still making it seem airy and fluid for movement. As Summerville explains, “This is very important for the twirling/ spinning  Katniss does onstage, per Caesar Flickerman’s request.”

Summerville also expands upon the rest of the portraits. As was reported, Effie Trinket‘s Portrait dress is indeed Alexander McQueen. As for Peeta Mellark’s suit in his Portrait, it’s by a Korean designer Juunj and the boots are by Ricky Owens.

What do you think of THE wedding dress? We’d love to hear your opinion.

Check out all the Capitol Portraits released so far here. Today’s Portrait reveal starts at 10 AM PT so check back later.

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