The Hunger Games: Catching Fire filming updates; set photo, locations and more

OLV posted more photos, including close-up shots, from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire set atop the Marriott Marquis. Filming at this location will be held tomorrow, October 8th. Along with Marriott Marquis, the crew will also be filming at 99 Spring Street in downtown Atlanta.

Check out the photo in the gallery here.

They also reported a new location where crew is setting up the set:

We’ve also confirmed the productions crew setting up at old Pratt-Pullman Yard on Rogers Street in Northeast Atlanta are working for Catching Fire. According to one of our readers, @zachattachary, they’ve built several dwellings between the depots. They’ve also stacked rail cars on one side of the set to block it but there is a view accessible from the nearby walking trail.

PeachyScoop also tweeted that another ‘party scene’ was likely to be filmed, which was later clarified as the chariot scene. This will be filmed from October 16-20.

And finally, an extras casting call for tomorrow October 8, was also posted:

Looking for a Stand In for #catchingfire for TOMORROW. MALE 5’8″. Email Subject: “5’8″ Stand In”

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