Toby Jones talks taking up the role of Claudius Templesmith in The Hunger Games and more

Toby Jones talks to IndieWire about choosing roles, his new movie Berberian Sound Studio, Hollywood and global politics. They also touch up on The Hunger Games, and Toby explains why he took up the role of Claudius Templesmith:

Which is what allows you to do “The Hunger Games” and “Berberian Sound Studio” back to back.

Well, that’s like a different industry. The middle has fallen out in terms of budget for moviemaking. You have these microfilms and you have these juggernauts. Dealing with “Hunger Games” specifically, when I talked to [director] Gary [Ross], he was talking about how he wanted to make it, and I think everybody was surprised by the different styles he used within the film. It’s not a standard blockbuster. I have a very little thing to do in that film, but when he said, “Do you want to come improvise with Stanley Tucci,” I said, “Yeah, I do want to do that.” Also, my children love those books. So there’s many reasons to do it. And there are economic reasons as well. You’re just lucky when something is as good as “Hunger Games,” because it can also fund you doing something for nothing, doing a short film or something.

Read the full interview here.

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