'The Hunger Games' Countdown: Minor 'Catching Fire' Characters Not to Forget

As part of Movies.com’s Hunger Games Countdown, some of the fansites discuss minor characters from Catching Fire who we believe are important and make an impact to the integral story line.

Check out an excerpt below:

Tanvi of Hunger-Games.net – Romulus Thread
Romulus Thread is one of the most important minor characters in Catching Fire. Thread is a harsh, cold man and fiercely loyal to the Capitol. He replaces Cray as the head Peacekeeper, and flogs Gale publicly. This incident is one of the pivotal moments in the first half of the book. It, among other things, not only brings out Katniss’ buried feelings for Gale, but also instigates Gale himself against the tyranny all the more. Thread is a catalyst to most of the inner action of the District. He is described to look not unlike the people from the Seam. As for casting suggestions, how crazy would it be if I say George Clooney?

Savanna of The Hunger Games Fireside Chat – Maysilee Donner
Though we’d only get to see her in flashbacks or video footage, I’m really hoping that Maysilee Donner is included – or at least briefly referenced – in Catching Fire. For those who have forgotten, Maysilee was Madge Undersee’s aunt, and she competed alongside a young Haymitch Abernathy in the 50th Hunger Games. She’s such an integral part of Haymitch’s past, and we need to see some Haymitch backstory in the sequel in order to better understand him: his motivations, his reasons for drinking, etc. While Maysilee may not be as strong and influential a character without her connection to Madge (cut from the first film) and the mockingjay pin origin story (changed for the movies), she’s still quite important, and I’ll definitely be bummed out if we never hear about her.

Celine of HungerGamesTrilogy.net – Leevy
Leevy, a gray-eyed girl, is Katniss’ neighbor in the Seam. In Catching Fire, Katniss asked her to fetch Hazelle Hawthorne after Gale had been whipped by Romulus Thread. She volunteered to take care of Gale’s siblings while their mother goes to see Gale. It was also mentioned in the book that Mrs. Everdeen treated Leevy’s little brother when he caught the measles. Her character is subsequently mentioned in Mockingjay. Leevy and Katniss practically grew up in the same neighborhood. It will be nice to see her in the rest of the Hunger Games sequels.

What do you think?


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