Exclusive interview with Eric Hennig, Gamemaker in The Hunger Games

We recently had the opportunity to interview Eric Hennig, one of the non-speaking Gamemakers in The Hunger Games. Eric talks about the filming and also the Gamemaker scenes, CGI used in the movie, the Capitol and more:

Tanvi: You’ve worked on Vampire Diaries as well, another big franchise. How did you get into acting and how did you get involved in The Hunger Games?

I started acting in school plays when I was six. I’ve wanted to be an actor for as long as I can remember. When I was in high school, I sent out my headshot and resume to agencies and casting directors in my spare time. After high school, I signed with a local agency called “Azalea” and began working locally.

I heard about “The Hunger Games” from one of my agents in North Carolina. I knew right away it was something I wanted to be apart of! I was very lucky and things kind of fell into place after that.

Bailey: What was the best part about working on The Hunger Games?

Getting to work with an amazing cast / crew. The game makers scenes were a lot more secluded then others but we all became very close. The amount of support and appreciation for the film is un-believable! I still get emotional reading fan mail. I’ve never felt so much love and support before. The fans are truly one of a kind!

Monique: Did you like being a part of the Capitol?

I loved it! The Game Makers had the coolest roles. The technology we got to use was amazing! I’m so glad I got to be in the control room and I wouldn’t of switched it for anything else.

Bailey: What was your favorite ‘Capitol costume’ out of the whole cast?

Elizabeth Banks 100%! I’ve never seen something so original and out of the world. That costume transformed her into a different person. If I didn’t know better I wouldn’t of know it was her.

Monique: Are there any obstacles or tricks you would have added to the Games?

As cheesy as it may sound, no. I think the film was projected brilliantly.

Bailey: How much of what happened in the Gamemaker room was real and how much was digitally added in later?

Everything was CGI! The illustrated guide book has a cool picture of the control room before CGI was added. You see all of us sitting in our chairs and the counter tops are painted green. All hand movements, gestures, ect. Were done to thin air, ha. At the time it looked silly but it was amazing to see how they added the CGI. We didn’t see any of that until the movie came out.

Monique: Had you read the books before you got the part in the movie?

To be honest, no. However, once I heard about the project I ran to the store and bought it. The farther I got in the book, the more excited I got. I’m a fan just like all of you! It’s extremely rewarding to be able to share this experience with you. Words can’t describe how much I appreciate and adore all of the fans.


Tanvi: What other projects are you involved with?

I just finished a short web video called “How To Kill a Pitch” that will be pitched to “Funny Or Die”. It’s a short comedy mocking creative directors. It’s hilarious and should be out in the next couple weeks.

I’m also a “Glissando” in the movie “Pitch Perfect” which hits theaters October 5th, 2012. I will be at “San Diego Comic Con” this July! Unfortunately, I can’t say what I’m working on now yet but you can keep track of all my projects on my IMDB or twitter page.

We thank Eric for providing such insightful answers and more info on The Hunger Games filming. We wish him all the best for his future endeavors!

Below are some places online where you can find Eric:


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