10 Movie Mistakes in The Hunger Games

While we have loved and gushed over the film adaptation of The Hunger Games, of course it’s not absolutely fool-proof. HollywoodDame.com has listed out ten movie mistakes, which we hope do not creep up in the sequel, Catching Fire. Check out some of them below:

*There is no cannon fire to alert the Hunger Games participants that Rue and her killer, Marvel, have died.

*After Katniss wades across water to find Peeta, her legs are soaking wet up past her thighs. When she discovers the blood trail she is completely dry.

*In the same scene that has Cato, Peeta and Katniss on top of the cornucopia, blood stains seen on Cato’s hand disappears and reappears as the camera switches focus to and from Katniss.

*The number of arrows available for Katniss to use while being evaluated changes. She is given four, uses one and misses her target. She turns back to grab another arrow and four arrows are still available for her to use.

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