District 7 Tribute, Leigha Hancock, talks filming The Hunger Games

In an interview to Gaston Gazette, stuntwoman Leigha Hancock who plays District 7 tribute in The Hunger Games talks about the movie and filming it:

By the nature of the movie’s story, most of the fellow actors Hancock was working with were pretty young. At 25, she was one of the older tributes on set. But she said no one divided along those lines.

“It was awesome. Seriously, it was so fun,” Hancock said. “And the minute we all were on set, we just clicked.”

One of the neatest things for Hancock was seeing how friendly Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta, was to everyone.

“Because the main stars of the movie were like that, it made the set so much easier to be on and have fun,” Hancock said. “And I feel like they’re going to make it successful.”

As a stunt person, she also helped some of the actors with how to use weapons and to look like they’re hitting people with weapons without actually hitting them.

The whole process is something Hancock will never forget, even if she may not be seen much on the screen.

“I don’t even know if you’ll see me. Maybe you’ll see my ponytail go by or something,” she said. “But everyone worked really hard, and it only worked because we worked as a team.”

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