Latarsha Rose talks The Hunger Games and Portia

S2S Magazine had a chat with Latarsha Rose who plays Peeta’s stylist, Portia, in The Hunger Games. Latarsha discusses her role:

So where did that leave Latarsha when figuring out how to play Portia? “The only way that I had was to really read the books and then use my imagination,” she explained to S2S. “It’s a mini collaboration with myself, the book and then the actual film.”

Latarsha quickly found out that her vision for Portia was on target with what the production behind The Hunger Games had in mind.

“There were things that came to me—ideas and mannerisms and colors and the way she might dress,” Latarsha said. “I was happily surprised that when I got there the vision of the amazing team…it meshed.”

While Cinna is very fond of simple, classic style (he’s never not wearing black), Portia is a little more partial to the over-the-top clothing of The Capitol. That means that she could be wearing anything that couturier’s fevered imagination could possibly dream up.

“I’m not really recognizable once I step into Portia,” Latarsha said, without giving too much of her look away. “I think she’s very much a fashionista and very grand but sophisticated. I believe Portia’s a complement to Cinna.”

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