Q&A with Wes Bentley of The Hunger Games

Details magazine has posted an extensive Q&A with Wes Bentley, who plays Seneca Crane in The Hunger Games. Wes talks about The Hunger Games, Lenny Kravitz, his career and sobriety:

DETAILS: The Hunger Games has an incredible cast. Did you wind up getting close with any of your costars?
Wes Bentley: Lenny Kravitz and I really clicked. We’d talk about acting and music, about his life in the Bahamas, hurricanes. Also how much we love—and really miss—eating burgers. He was getting ready for a tour, so he couldn’t, and I’ve been cutting back ever since I got sober.

DETAILS: What was your lowest point?
Wes Bentley: Well, I’ll give you a picture of where I was in ’07. I was risking everything to get drugs. I was driving around with homeless guys and people just out of prison, then I’d hit the streets and smoke all day. I’d already nodded off on set a couple times, and now I was being asked to leave auditions mid-reading because it was just so sad for them. I missed my brother’s wedding because I was so messed up. I was on the verge of selling to support my habit. The shakes, hearing voices, paranoia—those were daily occurrences for me. I was nearly dead, and I didn’t care.

DETAILS: Beyond the sobriety, it sounds like you’ve really embraced healthy living.
Wes Bentley: I play a lot of soccer, so a lot of it has to do with being game-ready. I actually started the program in my high school—found a coach, a conference, all that stuff. I didn’t play in my twenties because I was partying. I’d be sitting there, high, going, “Oh man, I’m gonna play soccer one day.” Luckily I did, and now I play as much as I can.


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