Elizabeth Banks talks Effie Trinket's accent and The Hunger Games

EW’s Inside Movies has a new interview with Elizabeth Banks where she talks The Hunger Games, among her other projects. She seems to be a super-woman-actress, she’s been busy all year round!

Let’s talk Hunger Games: Where did you come up with Effie’s voice?
It’s a combination of The Philadelphia Story and Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame.

Rosalind Russell is just amazing. It’s one of my favorite performances ever. I wanted Effie to be really theatrical. I just wanted to make sure she didn’t sound too British. She needed to be a little highfalutin.

Which fans are more intense: A cappella fans or Hunger Games fans?
I would bet there’s a ton of crossover.

Would Effie Trinkett have been in an a cappella group?
Sure. There might be a cappella groups in the Capitol. That’s probably allowed. I think the Capitol wouldn’t find that too threatening.

But not in District 12, right?
They probably do a little barbershop in District 12. They need something to keep their spirits up.

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