No Comic Con Panel for The Hunger Games: A Smart Move

When the announcement came of The Hunger Games having a possible panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con International, there were collective hopes of some new movie stills, or, a bit too optimistically, even some footage.

It sounded just right since the studios are vying for the empty space left behind as Harry Potter and Twilight wrap up. To rival The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn‘s panel, there could have been an amazing star-studded The Hunger Games panel at the prestigious Hall H.

But yesterday’s formal announcement shattered all ideas of the glitzy Capitol-like presence of The Hunger Games at SDCC. This makes sense too, seeing as how the cast is still busy with the filming in remote areas of Hildebran, Asheville and other towns of North Carolina.

It is a good decision on Lionsgate’s part. The reputation of the prestigious Hall H is so strong that to present a, figuratively, half-baked cake – which not only would make the hero Peeta Mellark insane – would probably put off the 6000+ fans and worldwide press. And this time, the notion of “any publicity is good publicity” might not work.

If Lionsgate bows down to the anticipation for The Hunger Games, which has risen to almost saturation level, and puts up a shabby, below-expectations presentation – it will break the series. And we don’t want that, now, do we?

Lionsgate will have to do with their promotion for the official Facebook pages of the movie, and running fan contests for now on the Comic Con show floor.

The fan base needs to respect Lionsgate’s well thought-out decision and bear this once. They’re the powers-that-be, after all. Let’s put the trust in them!

Article written for Blogcritics as No Comic Con Panel for The Hunger Games: A Smart Move.

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