Pros and Cons of the love triangle in The Hunger Games

The debate on the beefed up romantic element in The Hunger Games refuses to die down. While we posted a simple essay last week completely negating the idea, we, along with our friends over at The Hob and DWTC weighed the Pros and Cons of the issue over at

Pro: We’re a fan base, yes; we know what’s going to happen at the end. But there are many more out there in the world who will go to the theatres and watch this movie called The Hunger Games, experiencing the story for the first time. They have no idea how the trilogy ends and for them, the love triangle could be an alluring factor. Let’s be real – the commercial point of view is very important. (Tanvi)

Con: When we think of fiction-to-film movies, we tend to come up with a rather disappointing list. For example, Eragon the movie created a wonderful character in Saphira, but went on too far into the hinted romance between Eragon and Arya instead of focusing on the real plot. That completely unhinged the series, leaving no scope of improvisation. Another movie that was completely off the point was The Golden Compass. (Tanvi)

What’s your take? Let us know!

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