Video: Jennifer Lawrence Talks Training To Play Katniss Everdeen In 'Hunger Games'

While we’ve already had word of Jennifer Lawrence’s training routines, here’s a video where she talks explicitly of the training involved for about six weeks.

“I was a huge fan of the books before I even really knew about the movies,” Lawrence said. “I met with [director] Gary Ross, and we had a very long, nice meeting before the audition,” she explained. “And then by the time the audition came around, we were familiar with each other.”

Lawrence also spoke about the intense amount of training she’s undergone to prepare for Katniss’ intense action sequences.

“It’s lots of training, but the training is actually really fun,” she revealed. “I’ve done archery for about six weeks, rock climbing, tree climbing and combat and running and vaulting,” she said. “Also yoga and things like that to stay cat-like.”


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