Henry River Mill Village transformed into the dystopian District 12 for 'The Hunger Games'

While the actual filming was re-scheduled for May 23 in Hildebran, principal photography began on the 19th. Photos from the preparation, we posted earlier in the week, and preparations continue to transform the old mill town into the dystopian District 12.


Henry River Mill Village is being transformed from a once-forgotten, dilapidated mill town to become part of a dystopian society.

Dingy clothes hang on a clothesline of an empty home. Windows of the houses along the road are boarded up with plywood. What appears to be an animal pen has been built against the side of one of the houses that fronts the road, and what looks like a rabbit hutch sits around back. Rusted farm equipment also is scattered around the property.

And it appears the old mill store is being transformed to become the site of the bakery for a film version of the book “The Hunger Games,” which has the working title of “Artemis.” Scenes for the movie are set to be filmed at the Hildebran site. [Source]

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