Video and Photos: Jennifer Lawrence featured in 'Elle'

Another gorgeous photoshoot of Jennifer Lawrence has been posted online, this time in the form of Celebrity Feature at Elle.

Check out six beautiful photos in the gallery here, and a behind-the-scene video where Jenn talks about growing up, favorite movies, being an actress and more:

With her name now occupying space on every director’s short list, Lawrence was recently picked for the lead in The Hunger Games, based on Suzanne Collins’ postapocalyptic trilogy in which two teenagers are forced to fight to the death—the most coveted part for an actress since The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. So it looks like the bullied little sis had better get accustomed to star treatment. “When you’re on set, everybody’s like, ‘Oh, do you need water? Here’s 45 bottles!’ It’s really bizarre,” she says. “I’m still getting used to it. I’m still in wonderland.”

Thanks for the tip, The Hob!

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