Madge's Survival: The Key Note in Mockingjay

The Hunger Games fandom is abuzz with the two articles written by John Granger and Travis Prinzi, both famed Potter pundits.

While I believe it all to be a major part of the fandoms that such theories are talked about, I also regret the harsh criticism John Granger’s Pearl Theory and more have recieved.

Personally, I think most of the critique – and rather rude ones at that – that Granger’s article recieved was from fans who’re actually fans of simple “Team Peeta” or “Team Gale”, and more interested in who Katniss ends up with to have a happily ever after.
Like I said about Travis Prinzi’s article too, Hunger Games REALLY is more than just that.

Just to be completely clear, I am not naive enough to believe Katniss’s development will be complete without either Peeta or Gale.

I am looking forward to more of the article, especially on ones that’ll include more detail on why Madge could be the daughter of Haymitch – which is one thing, I believe to be far fetched. But oh well, we’re all just analyzing, after all.

Madge has been a central point to most theories, because what we see of her is a shadow, but in the narrative, we come to know that she plays the role of a friend whom Katniss trusts.

I’m not an amazing analyst like either Granger or Prinzi, but this is something I must talk about.

Read on only if you’ve read Catching Fire!

When Catching Fire ends, we’re simply shown a bland scene where Katniss comes to know District 12 has been destroyed. What we’re now looking forward to is how Katniss reacts to it.

The cliffhanger intensifies Gale and Madge’s roles, because, they must have definitely been in constant touch after Snow’s conspiracy to pull back the could-be leader in the games, their close friend, Katniss Everdeen.

Gale was out there, keeping his promise to Katniss to look after her mother and sister, and he does. He “got them out in time”. What about his own family? What about the Undersees and Madge?

I think of Madge’s mother. Mayor Undersee’s wife. Who spends half her life in bed immobilized with terrible pain, shutting out the world. I think of how I never realized that she and my mother shared this connection. Of Madge showing up in that snowstorm to bring the painkiller for Gale. Of my mockingjay pin and how it means something completely different now that I know that its former owner was Madge’s aunt, Maysilee Donner, a tribute who was murdered in the arena.

Since President Snow knows about the “relationship” between Katniss and Gale, he knows about Katniss and Madge’s friendship too, which makes the Undersee family very vulnerable.

Mayor Undersee, after all, is another pawn in Capitol’s game – whether he himself is a nice human being, or not.

Capitol obviously doesn’t let anyone stand up against even one of its policies, the main example of it is Seneca Crane.

Along with Crane, there is Darius:

If I had been there to stop Thread, he wouldn’t have stepped forward to save Gale. Wouldn’t be an Avox. And more specifically, wouldn’t be my Avox, because President Snow has so obviously had him placed here for my benefit.

With this, the basic derivation comes to be the fact that Mayor Undersee, and his family’s punishment will affect Katniss personally. Also, Undersees have been of invaluable help to Katniss, from where she’s recieved friendship and love – and clues to the on-going rebellion.

Do we know Madge has survived the destruction? As a matter of fact, this stands in stark contradiction with John Granger’s theories, because if Madge is no more, there’s no question of Mrs. Undersee surviving because after all, she’s “ill”.

Oh and the lottery? Those ARE rigged, it’s not even something to theorize, it’s fact if you read the politics that goes around in Panem.

What do you guys think?

Oh, and on that note, Travis Prinzi is going to publish another Hunger Games article at soon, so keep an eye out there!

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