Undersee Theories and New Layout!


John Granger, the Harry Potter expert who TIME magazine’s book reviewer calls “the Dean of Harry Potter scholars,” has turned his attention to Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games Trilogy.

He has written up an article with tonnes of theories for the trilogy’s end, some of them quite convincing and some, just a bit far-fetched.

As Hunger Games fans, I’m sure all of you would be very interested in what he has to say:

Don’t get me wrong. Mockingjay will certainly be about the liberation of the story character who is the rebellion’s inspiration and the story will feature Katniss in a break out role. It’s just that I doubt that Haymitch is the story mastermind and that Katniss is the real mockingjay, as central as both these characters are.

He also talks about the following points in detail:

  1. The Mockingjay Pin
  2. The Privileged Station and Situation of Mrs. Undersee
  3. The Meaning of the name Madge Undersee
  4. The Necessity of a Narrative Misdirection ‘Wow’ in the Series Finale
  5. The Centrality of the Series Message that We are Players in a Drama whose Author(s) We do not Know

Conclusion: The Pearl Theory

My ‘Pearl’ Mockingjay theory is that the secret story writer of the Hunter Games books is one of the Donner twin sisters. We know that Maysilee Donner was called but, because they were twins, we cannot know whether she or her sister went to the Capitol. Madge tells us that the golden mockingjay pin belonged to Maysilee, her aunt (or mother), but Maysilee either didn’t take it with her to the Quell or her sister took her place.

Either survivor, of course, would hate the Games. She would know, too, how a sister would respond if a weaker sister were chosen at the Reaping. That surviving twin, if in the proper position, could plan how to defeat the Games using Haymitch’s strategy of attacking the story boundaries and humiliating the Games Makers.

The article is extremely in-depth and like most of his other write-ups, the Hogwarts Professor, writes in detail and these are all very full of spoilers if you haven’t read Catching Fire.

You can read the article here.

Thanks for the tip Phyllis!

Also, as you can see, we have this stunning new layout by the very talented Eny from Innuendo Designs! Feedback would be much appreciated!

Also, a very Happy Chinese New Year to all our wonderful visitors, and Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope all of you have a great day ahead!

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