Mockingjay Roundup & Collins 'In The Midst' of Writing Screenplay

Major publications around the world are posting their own write ups about the release of the title and cover of Mockingjay.

The book details are being kept under lock-and-key.

Not too much to go on for those hoping for a glimpse of how the series will end, so it looks like fans will just have to wait. “That was about as much as we could get out of him,” says publicist Tracy van Straaten. “I probably won’t be reading the book myself until August 24th.”

Putting an end to rumours, media isn’t getting any ARCs either.

Scholastic will not be distributing advance copies of Mockingjay, though it did create ARCs for the first two volumes. (In keeping with the embargo, media outlets won’t be receiving the book in advance either.) According to a Scholastic spokesperson, because this book, which concludes the series, is so highly anticipated, the publisher wanted to give fans the chance to discover the ending at the same time and prevent spoilers.

The most interesting little info for fans who’re also highly anticipating any movie news follow thus:

Film rights for The Hunger Games have been optioned by Lionsgate, and Suzanne Collins is currently in the midst of writing the screenplay, as well as putting the finishing touches on Mockinjay.

The writing process is far more tedious than any of the fans would believe possible, therefore, if Suzanne is in the middle of writing the screenplay, we’re all going to have to be a lot more patient with any more info on the movie. For now, let’s all look forward to the grand finale of the trilogy!

Also, new photos of Suzanne Collins from the USA Today photoshoot have been added to the gallery here!

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