Thursday Thoery: Peace to Prevail Finally?

Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingajay

Let’s get down to analyzing the covers now that the trilogy is finally complete!

The three covers’ have actually imparted the book’s theme – whether knowingly or unknowingly – now that we critically see them. The lone mockingjays have symbolized the rebels and the rebellion.

Hunger Games’s cover is black: there’s no hope.

Catching Fire’s cover is fiery red: rebellion rises.

Mockingjay’s cover is pale blue: which simply put, means peace and calm.

Can we expect an end to the Capitol, finally? As a book series, the conflict must end in the finale. Yet, the complex situation that Panem is in, needs a lot more than three books to finish.

Does the free-flying blue mockingjay symbolize peace for Panem for real? What do you think?

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