Local BC Trivia Quiz Includes Hunger Games

Little update from Tri Cities (an informal term to name the three adjacent suburbs), British Columbia, Canada: the local epic battle based on books’ trivia has included the Hunger Games this year!

Every year, middle schools across the Tri-Cities face off in an epic battle of book-based trivia. Teams of students compete to see who knows the most about six excellent teen titles chosen by local teacher-librarians. This year’s novels are sure to be in high demand as competitors frantically cram facts into their heads in preparation for the final Battle of the Books.

You may have heard of Suzanne Collins’ award-winning novel The Hunger Games. This science-fiction title is set in a post-apocalyptic North America, where citizens from each region of Panem are forced to give up one boy and one girl for the brutal and terrorizing Hunger Games.

These fantastic books will give kids aged 10 to 15 years of age lots to think about. You can find these titles and more at your local public library.

A Good Read is a column by Tri-City librarians that is published every Wednesday. Maryn Ashdown works at Port Moody Public Library.

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