Thursday Theory: What's up with Cinna?


What’s up with Cinna? Why do you think someone as resourceful and talented as him really didn’t take up one of the ‘richer’ Districts? This easily leads to the most popular theory in the HG fandom: he must have a history related to Disrict 12.

Then again, maybe not. Could Cinna be already a part of the rebellion, like the revelations in Catching Fire? Could he be a part of District 13?

Also, now that Cinna has been captured away, do you believe that we’ll ever see him in person again? After all, Collins is writing about killing people for entertainment. Killing off a main character like Cinna wouldn’t be that big a shocker, but do you think Cinna might be there again? As an avox?

What do you think of Cinna?

0 thoughts on “Thursday Theory: What's up with Cinna?

  1. I hope he doesn’t die! But I also think it is not possible for him to come completely clean out of it… an avox is a definite possibility…


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